article Capricorn Season 2021: Reclaiming our Sovereignty
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Capricorn Season 2021: Reclaiming our Sovereignty

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December 22, 2021

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On December 21, 2021, 11:00 AM ET, the Solstice took place. The Sun entering Capricorn inaugurates a new season, a new chapter, a new phase of growth that will revolve around reclaiming our sovereignty and connecting with our inner authority.

In the Northern hemisphere, Yule marks the longest night of the year, inviting us on a journey through darkness, Winter, and the shadow realms. In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of Summer gives us a chance to enjoy the increased amount of light and creative energy available to us at this time.

The Sun will be in Capricorn until January 20, supporting our capacity to be self-responsible and disciplined and inviting reflection around what we desire to work for and why.


From Sagittarius to Capricorn: a New Awareness


As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn marks the emergence of a new awareness. While the Sun’s journey through Sagittarius is a time of optimistic expansion, exploration, and discovery, when the Sun enters Capricorn we cross a threshold linked to the realization of our limitations, our duties, our responsibilities, and our boundaries.

At this time, we accept that after a period of expansion, contraction is necessary. Capricorn season corresponds to the moment of realizing that we need to structure the knowledge we accumulated into something tangible in order not to waste it, we need to make something valuable and long-lasting out of it.

Capricorn Season 2021

Both contraction and expansion are necessary, they are complementary, and too much of either can cause trouble. The transit of the Sun through Capricorn is a time to get serious about what we want and work for it, to gain more profound self-mastery, and make a positive impact on society thanks to the wisdom we accumulated during our previous phases of evolution.


Working with Fears, Boundaries, & Limitations


The Capricorn archetype correlates with the conditioning we have internalized, with unnatural feelings of guilt and toxic shame, with the fear of other people’s judgment that can paralyze us. The Sun’s journey through the sign is a time to explore how we can work with the fears that hold us back from expressing ourselves as we would like to. It is a time to honor the limitations we encounter, yet without allowing them to define our reality: meeting our limits can be the beginning of something, not only the end of the game.

We are entering a phase of introspection, maturation, and self-knowledge. As a Yin sign, Capricorn is not simply about working hard. It is about reflecting on what we want to work hard for and why, and making tangible choices that honor that. During this season, we are encouraged to evaluate how we desire to invest our time and energy, what we aspire to build with our life force, and whether it has value in the long term not only for us but for the collective.

The transit of the Sun through Capricorn is an opportunity to cultivate deeper emotional maturity, connect with our inner authority, and release self-judgments based on artificial norms, regulations, and standards of conduct that aren’t aligned with Natural Laws.


Capricorn season 2021: Lunations & the Saturn-Uranus square


During the upcoming season, we will witness a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. The New Moon in Capricorn coming up on January 2 will invite us to establish a new relationship with order and structure, and integrate the systemic changes that have been taking place so far. The Full Moon in Cancer of January 17 will be an intense lunation, in tight opposition to the Sun-Pluto conjunction. This alignment will give us an opportunity to release coping mechanisms, emotional patterns, and security attachments that are hindering our maturation and preventing us from blossoming as we could.

Capricorn Season 2021

Throughout the entire upcoming Capricorn season, the Saturn-Uranus square will be very active. This has been the characterizing alignment of 2021, it was prominent for the entire year, and it’s perfecting for the last time on December 24.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, transiting through Aquarius, has been bringing up feelings of social alienation and non-belonging, raising issues about the ethical use of technology, social media, the internet, and the way our data is used. Uranus in Taurus has brought forth a strong urge to come back to simple ways of living and detach from systems that aren’t honoring our nature and natural rhythms. The last square between these planets will bring many of these issues to the forefront, probably exacerbating dynamics of socio-political tension and polarization all over the globe while reflecting significant changes in the world economy.


Capricorn season 2021: Renewal of Values & Embodied Sovereignty


Throughout the entire Capricorn season 2021, Venus will be retrograde, also in Capricorn. Retrograde Venus and the Sun will meet at 18°43’ of the sign on January 8, an alignment referred to as inferior conjunction, marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle, which has a similar energy to a New Moon.

The Sun-Venus inferior conjunction is an aspect of renewal and regeneration that encourages us to align with new values and reorient our attitude to relationships accordingly: this process that will significantly speed up as Venus comes out of retrograde at the end of January. Until then, we will keep reviewing, reassessing, restructuring, and redefining the way we desire to be in connection with others, with ourselves, and with society.

The invitation of Capricorn season 2021 is to embody our sovereignty and honor our boundaries to move towards a more profound self-mastery. We are being asked to root in our inner authority, trust our capacity to make wise choices for ourselves, and avoid betraying ourselves by adhering to mainstream norms of conduct that don’t feel fully right or true.

The Sun’s journey through the sign of the Sea-goat will shine a light on our conditioning and offer us an opportunity to develop more awareness of ourselves and our role in the collective, helping us discern which responsibilities are ours to take and which ones are not.

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