article Capricorn Season 2020: a Time of Restructuring
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Capricorn Season 2020: a Time of Restructuring

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December 21, 2020

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On December 21, at 5:03 AM ET, Capricorn Season 2020 starts, inaugurating a time of restructuring. This year, the December Solstice is marked by the Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, which is happening simultaneously with the beginning of Capricorn season.

The Jupiter-Saturn alignment begins a new 20 years era. Its influence will last for years: by harnessing it wisely, we have the fantastic opportunity to build something innovative, revolutionary, and long-lasting. 

However, in order to discover what we want to invest our time and energy in a deep phase of introspection and self-reflection is necessary: this is exactly what Capricorn season 2020 is about.


Capricorn Season 2020: Building Something of Value


Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, with a Yin or receptive quality. Not many people are aware that we are dealing with a Feminine sign: this reminds us that introspection and self-knowledge are necessary if we want to build solid structures that have actual significance and value.

Since 2008, the long term transit of Pluto has been radically and profoundly transforming the expression of this sign and will continue to do so until 2023. During 2020, we had both Saturn and Jupiter transiting there too, and joining Pluto. Their alignments have been accelerating the breakdown of the old systems and increasing the need for relevant shifts of the social paradigm, as well as the pressure on each of us as individuals.

As an archetype, Capricorn correlates to structure, discipline, maturity, self-responsibility, and self-regulation. Ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma and Time, Capricorn corresponds to the concepts of time, space, boundaries, and limitations. While this may sound depressing to some of us, we were born into this 3D physical reality because we are meant to learn how it works and master it.

Capricorn Season 2020

Taking responsibility for our lives and our choices, holding healthy boundaries, knowing and respecting our limitations, and honoring our timing will be important themes of the upcoming Capricorn season.

Capricorn inspires us to build something of value, something practical, something that can affect society positively and improve the reality currently available, something that is relevant not only for us but for the entire collective. This sign is not just about ruthless ambition, does not want to simply achieve social power and respect from others, as it is commonly perceived. Like all Earth archetypes, Capricorn ultimately aspires to be useful.


Overcoming Fear of Other People’s Judgment


What stands in the way of us sharing our talents and gifts with the world is often the fear of other people’s judgment and a sense of shame relative to not being good enough or competent enough to show up as we desire to. These issues are tightly related to Capricorn, the archetype ruling the concept of authority, including both our connection with our inner authority and our relationship to external ones.

Common distortions of this sign consist of self-repression, excessive self-consciousness, and suppression of one’s authentic self-expression. These are often linked to social norms, rules, or judgments based on socially accepted criteria of conduct that are not in tune with natural laws. Guilt linked to not fulfilling others’ standards or expectations is another common issue related to the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn season 2020 and the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius will encourage us to release any inhibitions, self-consciousness, residual guilt, and fear of being judged that are still holding us back from living our purpose. These transits are inviting us to be completely authentic and unique in our self-expression without worrying too much about fitting in or about what other people may think about us.


Capricorn Season 2020: a Time of Restructuring 


During Capricorn season 2020, we will witness a Full Moon in Cancer and a New Moon in Capricorn, two extremely relevant alignments that will bring up the need to restructure both our inner and outer realities.

The Full Moon in Cancer is the last Full Moon of 2020, arriving on December 29. This celestial event will bring us back to our hearts and remind us that the feeling of safety, security, and home is always available within ourselves. During these extremely strange and stressful times, we are encouraged to find ways to nurture ourselves, to turn within, connect with the real source of our feelings and emotions, and hone our capacity to self-soothe and self-regulate autonomously.

On January 13, we will experience an extremely potent New Moon in Capricorn. Both the Sun and the Moon will be conjunct Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the shadow realms. The first New Moon of 2021 is starting a lunar cycle focused on radical metamorphosis and emotional transformation: we will be invited to align with the changes that have been taking place both in our inner world and in the external reality. 

The New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto will remind us that alignment and balance are dynamic processes: change is always happening, life is not static, and dealing with the unexpected is easier when we don’t resist transformation. 


Cultivating Resilience & Aiming to Self-Mastery


We are entering the last ten days of an extremely unusual, challenging, and transformative year: the Sun traveling through Capricorn shines new light on everything we have been going through so far. The upcoming season invites us to acknowledge how much we have changed, to celebrate our resilience, and to honor our progress and our improvements, no matter how small.

“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you’ve lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that’s good.” ― Elizabeth Edwards

While the Sun travels through Capricorn, some cycles may end, and many new ones can begin if we are open to leaving the past behind and make a leap of faith. Capricorn season is inviting us to turn inwards, to reflect upon what we have learned during 2020, and to enter the new year with a newfound sense of inner strength, and a commitment to achieving deeper self-mastery. 

During the journey of the Sun through Capricorn, we are encouraged to come into contact with the awareness that we are more resilient than we think and that we are able to overcome whatever obstacle we encounter on our path.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you loved this article. Happy Capricorn Season!


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