article Cancer Season 2022: Emotional Self-Knowledge
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Cancer Season 2022: Emotional Self-Knowledge

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June 21, 2022

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On June 21, 05:14 AM ET, the Solstice takes place and Cancer season 2022 begins, marking an energetic shift, a change of season, and inaugurating a phase of emotional self-knowledge. The Sun remains in Cancer until July 22.

In the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, we enjoy the maximum amount of hours of daylight, while in the Southern Hemisphere we experience the longest night of the year. The Solstice comes with a feeling of initiation, novelty, and renewal: everywhere on Earth, we celebrate the cyclicity of life and the interplay between light and darkness. 


Cancer season: Understanding the Link between Past and Present


The Sun beginning its journey through the sign of Cancer brings our awareness to our inner world and the realm of emotions. Cancer season is an opportunity to better understand the link between our past and our present. Astrologically, this time of the year is focused on emotional maturation and it is an invitation to deepen our awareness of how our past conditioning and upbringing are still affecting our present behaviors, reactions, and choices.

The sign of Cancer is associated with our childhood experiences, with our early home environment, with the Divine Mother, and with our Inner Mother archetype. Through this sign, we learn to nurture ourselves and internalize a nurturing, protective, caring maternal figure that allows our inner child to feel safe and held.


The Cancer Archetype: Emotional Self-Knowledge


Cancer is the first Water sign of the Zodiac, the first archetype through which we face our vulnerability and tenderness. At this stage of growth, our focus is largely internalized to promote emotional self-knowledge: this can generate some degree of resistance to exposure and to the externalization of our creativity.

As we become aware of our fragility and sensitivity, we feel the tension between our desire to take new paths, start new endeavors, and begin new experiences, and our need to protect ourselves and remain safe and secure, in a familiar and comfortable environment. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, meant to open new paths and new directions. However, the insecurity that derives from beginning unknown processes generates paradoxical desires and a back-and-forth dynamic between advancing and retroceding.


New Moon in Cancer & Full Moon in Capricorn


During the journey of the Sun through Cancer, we will experience a New Moon in the sign and a Full Moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn. The New Moon in Cancer, taking place on June 28, is going to be in a square aspect to Jupiter in Aries. The square between Sun, Moon, and Jupiter indicates an increase in self-confidence and generosity and invites us to be mindful of the risks of over-giving and over-expanding. Sun and Moon are going to conjunct True Black Moon Lilith, the point in space corresponding to the lunar apogee. Their alignment will bring the spotlight on our relationship with our instinctual, primal, animal nature, inviting us to look at those ways we shame or reject ourselves for expressing or displaying emotions as a result of having others do that to us in the past.

The Full Moon in Capricorn, happening on July 13, is going to conjunct Pluto. This intense lunation brings our attention to our way to emotionally self-regulate and brings to culmination a chapter of our emotional maturation process. Emotions that we might have suppressed in the past could arise and resurface. During these days, we will have opportunities to break cycles of self-repression, gain better awareness of how our childhood experiences are still shaping our present, and move towards deeper emotional self-reliance.


Sun in Aspect to Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto


While transiting through Cancer, the Sun will perfect alignments to Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Sun squares Chiron in Aries on July 8, bringing up feelings of being isolated or rejected for our creative or emotional expression, and inviting us to grow into a new level of self-approval and self-trust.

The Sun forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus on July 10 and then trines Neptune in Pisces on July 17. The Sun-Uranus sextile is a motivating, energizing influence that will support our creativity and originality,  indicating potential opportunities to further develop our creativity and inventiveness. The Sun-Neptune trine facilitates compassion, empathy, and artistry: this aspect inspires us to realign with our spiritual practice and cultivate our connection to the Divine.

Later, on July 20, the Sun perfects its opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and their alignment will be already active during the Full Moon in Capricorn. The Sun-Pluto opposition could bring up power struggles and challenges with authority figures as we try to affirm ourselves and our desires. Positively, this transit can facilitate revelations and new insights about our psychology and the ways we unconsciously hold ourselves back from full expression and embodiment of our power.


Cancer season 2022: Becoming Self-Secure


The transit of the Sun through the sign of the Crab will bring the spotlight on our need for security and safety. Cancer season 2022 offers us an invitation to explore our past to better understand our present, our triggers, our needs, and our fears. Domestic and family issues may come into the spotlight and allow us to gain more awareness of how we meet our emotional needs, of how we expect others to meet our needs, and of any parental or early life dynamics we may be reenacting in our close relationships.

Self-containment and self-nurturance are themes of this season: Cancer invites us to connect with a sense of security and safety coming from within, independent of external conditions. During the upcoming weeks, our emotional sensitivity and our intuitive capacities will be magnified and expanded. This upcoming season is an opportunity to learn how to best nurture our sensitivity, take care of our hearts and of our vulnerability, without becoming excessively protective or self-defensive. It is a chance to deepen our emotional intelligence and our knowledge of how we function and what we need as emotional beings.

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