article Cancer Season 2021 & Solstice: Rebirth
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Cancer Season 2021 & Solstice: Rebirth

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June 22, 2021

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On June 20, 11:32 PM ET, the Sun enters Cancer, and Cancer Season 2021 begins, inviting us to tend to our inner garden. While in the Northern Hemisphere we welcome the Summer Solstice, in the Southern Hemisphere Winter is starting to be felt. Everybody on the planet is experiencing a significant energy shift, embracing a brand new beginning and an opportunity for rebirth.

After Gemini season, a phase of increased mental stimulation defined by a stronger desire to learn and explore the multiplicity of life, we turn our focus inward, slow down, and take time to emotionally integrate and digest what we have been through so far. Cancer is the first Water sign of the Zodiac wheel, the first one through which we enter the realms of emotions and begin understanding ourselves as emotional beings.


Cancer Season 2021: a New Evolutionary Cycle


Every year, Cancer season reminds us of the importance of nurturing ourselves, of feeling all of our emotions, of connecting with our hearts, and cultivating nourishing relationships with people who are family to us. 

Cancer is a Yin, Water, and Cardinal sign. All Cardinal archetypes begin a new evolutionary cycle, as they are associated with Solstices and Equinoxes, which mark the start of the four seasons. For this reason, the Sun entering Cancer inaugurates a new chapter of our growth, which will bring us on unbeaten paths and open new possibilities for personal and collective transformation.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon: it is connected with nurturance, protection, the feeling of home and family, and our experience of childhood. This sign reminds us of our need for safety and security, for love and care. The Sun is now illuminating our vulnerability and our sensitivity: during Cancer season, we have a chance to connect with both our inner child and our inner mother archetype.


Jupiter stations retrograde: Questioning our Limiting Beliefs


On June 20, 11:05 AM ET, shortly after the Solstice takes place, Jupiter in Pisces stations retrograde. Whatever happens on the day of the Solstice gives us information about the season ahead and how it will unfold. Jupiter stationing retrograde will invite us to question our limiting beliefs and whatever we believe to be the absolute truth, to open up to different perspectives and ways of interpreting reality. Jupiter will be in apparent backward motion for four months and will move back to Aquarius on July 28, to be there until December.

Jupiter retrograde encourages us to reflect on what authenticity means for us, on whether old truths are still feeling right and relevant, and on the actual foundation of beliefs that aren’t serving us. Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the South Node of the Moon, currently in Sagittarius: Jupiter gives us information about habitual ways of relating to truth, about karmic themes connected to our past, and about how we compulsively try to generate a feeling of safety and familiarity. Its retrograde cycle gives us a chance to reassess, review, and redefine our perception of truth, the foundation of our sense of faith, as well as our philosophical and spiritual orientation to making sense of reality.

cancer season 2021

Jupiter stations retrograde in a Grand Trine aspect to the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio. The Grand Water Trine of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter highlights the need to find the lesson and the meaning hidden behind our ever-changing emotional states. In particular, the Sun-Jupiter alignment, exact on June 23 but already active, supports our desire to learn, our energy levels, and our capacity to find something good in any situation. Jupiter trine Sun is traditionally considered to be a lucky aspect, and it may bring to many of us interesting chances to grow and evolve.

Jupiter retrograde highlights the need to introspect and turn inwards in order to find the deeper meaning of all our experiences, rather than grasping for more stimulation without emotionally integrating what has already been taking place.


Cancer Season 2021: Transits and Lunations


During Cancer season 2021, we will witness a Full Moon in Capricorn and a New Moon in Cancer. The Full Moon in Capricorn is coming up on June 24. It will happen simultaneously with a Venus-Pluto opposition, also in Cancer and Capricorn. These aspects will shed light on the connection between our current relationship dynamics and the dynamics of our childhood, encouraging us to find a sense of emotional fulfillment and security independent from others or from specific circumstances. 

What are we compromising in exchange for feeling loved and nurtured? Are we trying to control other people and make them dependent on us in order to feel safe? Are we able to express our needs and our boundaries clearly? Are we able to respect ourselves enough to let other people go if they can’t meet our needs? These will be some of the key themes for this lunation.

The New Moon in Cancer of July 10 is the first New Moon after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. For this reason, it is particularly relevant: it begins the first lunar cycle after the Eclipse season ended. Sun and Moon in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces, increasing our intuition, our sensitivity, and our drive to be empathetic and compassionate. Sun and Moon will also sextile Uranus in Taurus, increasing our appreciation for freedom and increasing the chances of unusual encounters and opportunities that may stimulate our desire for change and novelty. This New Moon marks a new beginning relative to how we experience and relate to ourselves, to our emotions and our sensitivity, to home and family issues, and to how we express our need for safety, nurturance, and care.

The Sun in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries on July 4, highlighting any anxiety of separation from the known, revealing to us any residual insecurities that don’t allow us to reconcile the awareness of our sensitivity with the need to express ourselves. The Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 17. This alignment may reflect a feeling of being restricted in our self-expression by authority figures, laws, or people in positions of power, and will invite us to face our own inner resistance to welcoming our emotions and being radically vulnerable.


Cancer Season 2021: Tending to Our Inner Garden


Through the stage of evolution corresponding to Cancer, we ideally learn how to tend to our inner garden, how to feel fulfilled and nurtured from within, how to feel safe and secure, independently of external conditions or of the presence of certain people in our lives. The Sun transiting through the sign of the Crab shines a light on these types of issues and invites us to gain more awareness of our level of emotional maturity and self-intimacy. Venus is also in Cancer and will be there until June 27, highlighting the importance of having a reliable support system and inspiring us to value safety and security.

Cancer season is about learning how to feel, how to navigate intense emotional waves without being carried away by our subjective perception of reality, without disowning or suppressing our feelings. There is a lesson hidden in every emotion, and this lesson can be learned only if we allow ourselves to fully feel whatever we are feeling. It can be learned only if we refuse to run away from pain or disappointment or heartbreak and lean into it instead.

Cancer season 2021 is a highly transformative time. We will have chances to get to know ourselves more deeply and reach a new level of understanding of our habitual reactions, our inner dynamics, and our emotional needs. This process has the potential to change our self-image and consequently the way we show up in our lives.

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