article Blue Full Moon in Taurus: Breaking Free – October 2020
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Blue Full Moon in Taurus: Breaking Free – October 2020

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October 29, 2020

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On October 31, 10:49 AM ET, we witness a Blue Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, exactly conjunct to retrograde Uranus. On the same day, many people also celebrate Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival signaling the beginning of the darker half of the year. For many, during what we today know as Halloween, the veil between worlds becomes thinner: spirits, both good and evil, are allowed to pass through.

Every Full Moon brings an energy of release, culmination, and blossoming: they represent the peak moment of the lunar cycle, a time to share what we have been working on and its meaning with the collective.

When two Full Moons happen in a calendar month, the second one is also referred to as a Blue Moon, even though this phenomenon does not affect the actual color of the Moon. The Full Moon happening after the Harvest Moon is traditionally known as the Hunter Moon: during these days, hunters had extra hours of light at night and hunting was easier than usual, as the fields had just been reaped.

Full Moons shine a light on something that was previously unconscious: our feelings come to a head, we are able to see more clearly. We are now experiencing an extremely charged cosmic alignment, that can be associated with sudden events, unexpected news, and life-changing opportunities for many of us. When Uranus is involved, it becomes very hard to imagine what to expect, how this energy will manifest in the 3D reality. Only one thing is certain: this Full Moon will surprise us.

To celebrate the arrival of this Blue Full Moon, on October 31 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Blue Full Moon in Taurus Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Taurus: Survival Instinct, Stability, and Sensuality


Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, and is a fixed Earth archetype: it is related to form, to tangible matter, to security and stability, to our financial situation, our material possessions, our values, our sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Taurus correlates to the survival instinct. After the initial impulse, after birth, and the separation from the womb taking place with Aries, we become aware of the essential needs we must fulfill in order to survive. Taurus has a strong connection to the physical body, with our capacity to feel pleasure and perceive with the senses.

Full Moons always happen when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other: the Sun in Scorpio is now opposing the Moon in Taurus in exact conjunction with Uranus, the planet of sudden events, rebellion, and deconditioning.

Blue Full Moon in Taurus Moon Omens October 2020

The Taurus-Scorpio axis, activated by this cosmic alignment, has a strong link to sexuality and sensuality, as well as with our ability to understand and regulate our somatic and psychological responses to stress, trauma, and intense emotions.


Uranus: Disruption and Liberation


Uranus shakes up the expression of every sign it transits through, and it is going to be in Taurus until 2026. This planet is related to the akashic records, our collective memory field, as well as to sudden insights, ideas, and discoveries coming out of the blue.

Both Uranus and Aquarius, the sign it rules, are archetypes related to groups and friendships: as we enter the Aquarian age, being part of a community we can count on will be key for our personal and collective evolution. 

Uranus correlates with unexpected natural events; it rules electricity, lightning, and thunderstorm, and its transits always bring a revolutionary, extremely dynamic energy. Some Astrologers associate it with the mythological figure of Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods and brought it to humans, despite knowing he was going to be punished for it. His gesture liberated humans from ignorance and allowed them to develop their creative powers.

Uranus is the principle of individuation, of liberation from the known, of deconditioning, rebellion, and fight for freedom. Uranus breaks down what has fulfilled its purpose, what is obsolete, the form that has lost its function or meaning, the structures and the traditions that aren’t allowing us to expand and grow further.


Blue Full Moon conjunct Uranus: Need for Freedom


The Moon in Astrology represents the most vulnerable part of us: it gives us information on our habitual reactions, our emotional and inner world, our sensitivity, the way we nurture ourselves and others. The Moon is traditionally considered “exalted” in Taurus: this means that their energies work extremely well together.

However, the presence of Uranus drastically affects the way this Blue Moon is manifesting as well as its significance for all of us. Moreover, Uranus is currently retrograde: this means it is closer to Earth, and its influence is magnified. Conjunctions can be considered the most powerful aspect between two planets: from our perspective, they form an angle of 0° and they appear perfectly aligned.

On this Blue Full Moon, there can be a strong polarization: when Uranus strikes, we might not be ready for it. Sudden events and unforeseen situations that bring the need for change to the surface are likely to accelerate our movement towards the future.

During these days, many of us are likely to notice an increased necessity for freedom and radical change, as well as a stronger feeling of separation from mainstream society and authorities. 

Blue Full Moon in Taurus Moon Omens October 2020

The Moon-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio, can reflect important disruptions of our sense of stability and security. What happens on this Full Moon can help us become aware of how we unconsciously try to generate a sense of safety in our lives, for example through self-sabotage patterns, manipulation, or power plays in relationships.

To help you harness this energy Blue Full Moon and other alignments brings we have created Blue Full Moon pritnable channeled “Embracing the Unknown” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.


Venus opposite Chiron: Setting Healthy Boundaries


Venus is the planetary ruler of the Full Moon in Taurus: its position by sign and the aspects it makes give us more information about how these cosmic energies are going to manifest. Venus is currently in Libra, the other sign it rules, and it is forming an opposition to retrograde Chiron in Aries.

The Venus-Chiron connection reflects an increased awareness of other people’s pain. As a reaction, if their suffering is perceived as a threat we may shut down completely or, on the contrary, we may go out of our way to help others and in the process forget to take care of our own needs.

A common tendency with Venus in Libra is the need to be needed by someone else: being helpful to others can become the only way we can feel worthy, useful, and valuable. Yet, Chiron in Aries is all about reclaiming our inherent self-worth, the inherent right to exist that we all have, and that is independent of what we do, what we have, or any other external condition.

The purpose of Venus opposite retrograde Chiron is to teach us to have good energetic boundaries so that we can decide to what degree we are personally affected by other people’s struggles and by all the drama that has been going on globally.


Mercury square Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter: Revisiting our Perception of Reality


On the Blue Full Moon in Taurus, Mercury retrograde in Libra is forming a square aspect to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn, and it is the second of a cycle of three squares. These aspects are likely to invite us to reflect on what took place around the end of September and the Super New Moon in Virgo, when the first alignment between these planets took place.

The type of square that Mercury is creating is also known as Third Quarter or “crisis in consciousness” square. The crisis that this aspect generates has the function of inspiring us to find new ways of thinking, communicating, and perceiving our reality.

These aspects will encourage us to reflect on how we relate to other people in the context of the rules and regulations established by external authorities, on how we communicate our thoughts to others, on the deeper reason behind the words we choose, and the meaning we attribute to language in a changing societal paradigm.

Retrograde Mercury squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter has the function to remind us that how we think, speak, and perceive the world strongly affects our way of interfacing with our surroundings. For this reason, changing our thoughts, words, and perception of what happens has the power to change our actual reality.

The internalization of our perceptions due to the retrograde motion of Mercury helps us find creative solutions to the challenges and issues we encounter through a non-linear way of thinking.


Blue Full Moon in Taurus: Breaking Free from Conditioning


The events happening on this Full Moon in Taurus can help us reconnect with our senses, with our sensuality, with the capacity to perceive how what happens to us is physically affecting us and to regulate how our body reacts to triggers.

Yes, the influence of Uranus can be unsettling, but it is also bringing sudden epiphanies, downloads, and insights that offer us enormous creative potential. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, loves everything unconventional, weird, and eccentric: this planet always inspires us to find alternative solutions and original ways to solve the problems we encounter.

Creative and innovative ideas can come out of the blue on this Full Moon: we have the opportunity to step into a deeper sense of self-reliance, which in turn helps us cultivate a solid self-worth, and a deeper trust in our capacity to be fully autonomous and independent.

In spite of the chaos and the confusion that many of us are experiencing on the 3D plane, the current planetary configuration offers us important opportunities for healing and self-empowerment. Ultimately, the Blue Full Moon conjunct Uranus is an invitation to honor our uniqueness and our individuality, and to break free from all those limitations and conditioning patterns that are still holding us back from living our purpose.

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