article Blue Full Moon in Aquarius: Reshaping Our Future
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Blue Full Moon in Aquarius: Reshaping Our Future

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August 20, 2021

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On August 22, 08:01 AM ET, we experience a Blue Full Moon at 29°36’ of Aquarius, the second one happening in the sign of the Water Bearer this year. We already had a Full Moon at 1° Aquarius on July 23: when two lunations in a row happen in the same sign, the second one is referred to as a Blue Moon.

Blue Full Moon in Aquarius Bringing: A strong desire to make radical changes and reclaim our freedom and sovereignty. An invitation to make radically different choices to reshape the future and our reality. The need to liberate ourselves from oppression and from internalized conditioning that is preventing us from being true to ourselves.

During Full Moons, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition: this means they form a 180° angle and occupy the same degree of opposing signs. In this case, the Leo-Aquarius polarity is activated, and the light of the Sun is shedding awareness on our inner world and our subconscious emotional dynamics. When a Full Moon takes place, we experience revelations and clarity, we reap the rewards of our efforts, and we witness the maturation of a cycle. These cosmic events invite celebration and inaugurate a two-week period of slowing down, releasing, cleansing, and letting go of what ran its course.

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The Full Moon taking place in August is also popularly known as the Sturgeon Moon. This lake fish used to be very abundant around this time of the year in the Northern and Eastern parts of what today we know as the United States and represented an integral part of the diet of Native peoples. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sturgeon Moon marks the final weeks of summer, before the beginning of harvest season. In the Southern Hemisphere, this lunation corresponds to the last weeks of winter, and it is known as the Snow or Storm Moon.

To celebrate the arrival of Blue Full Moon in Aquarius, on August 22 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Blue Full Moon in Aquarius Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Blue Full Moon at 29° Aquarius: Critical Changes and Transitions


The current Blue Full Moon is happening on the last degree of Aquarius, at 29°36’, just a few hours before the Sun enters Virgo and the Moon enters Pisces. When the 29° of a sign is activated, it is an indicator of culmination, completion, and critical adjustments. At the moment of transition between one archetype and the next, we are carrying the wisdom we accumulated during the entire transit of the planet through the sign. We are confronted with the need to make drastic changes and we are equipped with the experience we need to make conscious decisions.

Aquarius and Pisces are both transpersonal archetypes: they are connected to dynamics beyond the individual ego and correlate with the evolutionary cycles of humanity. The transition from Aquarius to Pisces speaks about the shift from a connection to the collective mind or hive mind to an awareness of subtle energetics and the collective emotional body.

Through Aquarius, we seek innovation and progress through the cultivation of the intellect, technological expansion, and scientific experimentation. Through Pisces, we cultivate compassion and empathy, and we aim to transcend individual boundaries. Transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces, we seek to integrate science and spirituality to facilitate personal and collective evolution.


Blue Full Moon in Aquarius: Reshaping our Future


Aquarius is the archetype related to group consciousness, to the nuances of the relationship between the group and the individual, to the individuation process, to the journey of deconditioning and reclaiming our uniqueness. Aquarius in its highest expression is unapologetically eccentric, a genius and a rebel, not bothered about fitting in and ready to be alone if belonging to a group means sacrificing one’s ideals, needs, or authenticity.

Aquarius is about progress, technology, and communities, but it is also about alienation and social isolation. One of the downsides of technological advancements, refinement of telecommunications, and diffusion of social media is that we can be constantly connected to others through the internet and our devices. However, as a species, we have never felt so lonely and disconnected. Technology can promote our alienation from our surroundings and it can also be a means to foster collective evolution, spiritual awareness, and personal growth: it’s up to us to choose to use it wisely.

This Blue Full Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer is an opportunity to explore new perspectives and new ways of being. It is an invitation to keep making efforts to think out of the box and aim to shape a different future, both for ourselves and for humanity as a whole.


Blue Full Moon conjunct Jupiter: Invitation to Expand


The Blue Full Moon is conjunct retrograde Jupiter, which recently came back to Aquarius after spending a few months in its home sign of Pisces. Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with. Until the end of the year, the Greater Benefic will keep emphasizing the role of group associations, technological discoveries, and scientific innovation, while promoting the growth of alternative currencies, new financial systems, independent platforms to connect and share information, and self-sufficient communities.

On the Blue Sturgeon Moon, our feelings and emotions will be magnified by the presence of Jupiter: during these days, our reactions may tend to be exaggerated compared to the stimuli. The previous Full Moon in Aquarius was conjunct Pluto and it brought intense emotional issues to the surface. The influence of the current Moon-Jupiter conjunction will be more pleasant to navigate: it will inspire us to expand our social sphere and our network, be more open-minded, get to know unusual people, explore different communities, niches, and organizations, both on the internet and in person.

The Blue Full Moon conjunct Jupiter enhances our intuitive capacities and helps us interpret reality through the right brain. This aspect generally promotes a joyful, optimistic, and cheerful attitude. As their conjunction takes place in Aquarius, it will inspire us to adopt a detached and objective perspective of our situation and to examine the meaning and purpose of what comes up. During these days, we are being encouraged to create the space we need to feel and process all of our emotions, even the more unpleasant ones.

To help you harness this energy Blue Full Moon in Aquarius brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Reshaping the Future” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

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Uranus trine Mars and Mercury; Saturn trine Venus 


Uranus and Saturn are the modern and traditional planetary rulers of the Aquarius Full Moon, and they have been in an ongoing square with each other for the entire year. Their alignment emphasizes the tension we experience as we move away from old systems and try building different ones.

Uranus is in Taurus and has recently stationed retrograde: it is now closer to Earth, and its influence magnifies our desire to rebel from the status quo, break free from restrictions, and liberate ourselves from what holds us back from expressing our authenticity, from being original, unusual, and creative.

Uranus is currently forming harmonic alignments with Mercury and Mars in Virgo, reflecting unforeseen creative opportunities. Mercury trine Uranus will facilitate new innovative ideas and sudden downloads of information that have the potential to provoke turning points in our life, give an unexpected turn to plans and projects, and facilitate breakthroughs and creative discoveries in a variety of fields. The trine between Mars and Uranus will help us take action according to these insights, trust our intuition, and follow it without second-guessing. This aspect is likely to inspire us to make eccentric choices and can reflect some amount of impulsivity.

Meanwhile, Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius, is currently transiting the sign and forming a harmonious trine to Venus in Libra, also in her domicile. This aspect suggests the potential for the consolidation of our relationships and our financial situation. The Venus-Saturn trine will help us gravitate towards situations and realities that are supportive of our sense of self-worth. Their alignment inspires us to accept the necessity to mature and to fully commit to what we value and enjoy.


Blue Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius: Expect the Unexpected


The possibility of unpredictable and sudden events is higher on this Blue Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius: the activation of the last degree of the sign can be associated with a sense of crisis and an urge to make immediate and lasting adjustments.

During these days, social tension is likely to keep spreading in all parts of the world: more and more of us will demand change, fight for freedom, and defend what we believe is right. There may be an increase in polarization and we may witness extreme reactions to the decisions of those in positions of power and authority.

The Blue Full Moon in Aquarius opens up opportunities for a radical shift. Aquarius has a connection to free will and the future: the strong emphasis on this archetype reminds us that through our choices we constantly shape our future. In every moment, we have an opportunity to choose differently and liberate ourselves from the shackles of the past.


The transition to a better world and a better system starts within, with our personal deconditioning work. We don’t have to keep doing what we have always done, we don’t have to keep seeing the world as we always have. This Full Moon inspires us to think outside the box, be visionaries, believe that a different future is possible, and make choices aligned with the reality we desire.

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