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On March 20, 11:34 AM ET, Aries season 2022 begins. We are entering a time of rebirth and renewal. The Equinox marks the beginning of the New Astrological Year and the start of a new season, a new chapter of our journey.

The Sun remains in Aries until April 20. Wherever the Sun transits, our awareness goes: this season brings our attention to our relationship with our individuality, with our instinct, with self-assertion, and with taking initiative.


From Pisces to Aries: Moving through the Birth Canal


The Sun’s journey through Pisces brought us back to the primordial, cosmic womb, inviting deep introspection, rest, and receptivity. Pisces season is a time of completion, culmination, and release: with Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune still in Pisces, this process may not be over just yet. Nonetheless, as the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the energy changes, promoting action, forward movement, and decision-making.

While the Pisces phase of evolution correlates with our time in the womb, Aries corresponds to the moment of birth and the cut of the umbilical cord. As we move through the birth canal, we connect with our instinct, with bravery, and with our capacity to take unfamiliar paths. Through Aries, individual consciousness is born: we separate from our mother to discover our unique place in the world. Our desire for self-discovery leads us to begin a new journey, based on a learning process that comes from instinctual action, trial and error, and the exploration of desire.


Sun in Aries: Nurturing our Creative Fire


The Sun’s rays shine bright in Aries: here, the Sun is traditionally considered to be exalted, expressing itself at its maximum potency. This transit wakes us up from the sleep of Pisces season and encourages us to go out into the world, make things happen, make our dreams come true. Aries, a Fire, Yang, and Cardinal archetype, is all about new beginnings and initiations. Being a Fire sign, it has a lot to do with creativity and reminds us of the importance of actively nurturing and developing the creative impulse that exists within all of us.

Aries Season 2022

We have to keep in mind that there is an inherent insecurity in all Cardinal archetypes, linked to the anxiety of separating from the known to start walking a completely unfamiliar path. In Aries, the insecurity has to do with a lack of experience. Being the first one of the Zodiac wheel, it has not yet experienced any other sign. It is pure potentiality, pure energy, pure instinct. The Aries phase of evolution requires trust in our immediate responses and a capacity to take risks, to take action without knowing the outcome.


Aries Season 2022: Reclaiming Individuality & the Power of Anger


The sign of the Ram has to do with how we instinctively respond to a real or perceived threat and with our capacity to cut cords with what isn’t good for us. Aries correlates with our relationship with anger, self-assertion, and self-defense. This sign teaches us that by accepting our anger, by giving it space, by giving it a voice, we free up a great amount of energy and get to live more freely and authentically. 

Asteroid Chiron has been in Aries since 2019 and will remain there until 2027. This transit is bringing our attention to the importance of embracing our individuality fully and reclaiming the power of our anger. Chiron correlates with feelings of rejection and emotional pain, with our deepest wounds, and with our healing process. Its journey through Aries reveals to us those places where we still find it hard to take up space and assert our needs.

When planets transiting through Aries join Chiron, they may show us where we are ashamed of expressing our individuality, where we don’t trust our instincts, where we are still playing small and not fully honoring the energy that asks to be expressed through us. They give us chances to reconnect with any anger we have suppressed or hidden, and to integrate old, unprocessed pain. 


New Moon in Aries & Full Moon in Libra


The New Moon in Aries of April 1 will happen in tight conjunction with Chiron and Mercury, marking a powerful new beginning in our healing journey. This lunation is likely to feel emotionally intense: past wounds may resurface or reopen, and our awareness could be drawn on to something we still need to process. As the New Moon takes place, Aries’ ruler Mars will be conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect supporting our determination and willpower, which could reflect a tendency to suppress our instincts and desires. We may notice two opposing forces, one wanting to create a protective barrier around us, and another one trying to break it open.

Aries Season 2022

On April 16, we will experience a Full Moon in Libra. The Sun and the Moon will tightly square Pluto in Capricorn. During these days, relationship matters are likely to occupy a big part of our attention: some connections may culminate, and others may change their form as new subconscious material is brought to light. We will have chances to get a better understanding of our emotional attachments and our unconscious patterns of behavior. The Libra Full Moon will bring our attention to relationship patterns that need to change and inspire us to value ourselves independently on how other people value us. It will bring opportunities to self-source our self-value and not attach it to the validation or love we are receiving from the outside.


Aries season 2022: Exploring our Desires


During Aries season 2022, there will still be a strong emphasis on Piscean energy, as Jupiter and Neptune perfect their conjunction in the sign on April 12, and Mars, ruler of Aries, enters Pisces on April 14. For this reason, we may feel contrasting urges: one to go within, and the other one to move forward without looking back. We may still experience some confusion and uncertainty relative to how to act and how to invest our energy. Before we begin something new, we may need to complete something else and fully close a cycle.

Nonetheless, the Sun’s transit through Aries remains a favorable time to start projects, begin new endeavors, and try doing something unfamiliar. We will have opportunities to make things happen, honor our instincts, and trust our urges. Aries season will increase our energy levels and determination, inviting us to get ready for action. As we explore our desires, wants, and impulses, the invitation is to focus on learning from the process and enjoying it rather than forcing a specific outcome.

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