article Aries Season 2021: Igniting the Spark
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Aries Season 2021: Igniting the Spark

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March 20, 2021

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On March 20, 05:38 AM ET, Aries season 2021 begins. The Sun entering the sign of the Ram inaugurates the New Astrological Year.

The March Equinox represents the start of Spring in the Northern part of the globe, and the beginning of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. While for some of us from now on days get longer and warmer, inviting action, extroversion, and opening, for others, as colder temperatures begin to be felt, the natural drive is to turn within and spend more time indoors. 

Nonetheless, we are all experiencing a transition, we are all feeling the shift: as a Cardinal archetype, Aries begins a new season, a new chapter, an unfamiliar process. The ingress of the Sun in Aries represents a fresh start for everyone on the planet and sets the tone for the year ahead.


Aries: Igniting the Spark


Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac wheel, represents the spark that makes life possible. Aries is the pioneer opening a new path, the leader who is not afraid to do something alone, the warrior who fights for what they believe in.

Traditionally, the Sun is considered in its exaltation in Aries: this means that its yearly journey through the sign of the Ram is a favorable moment for our energy levels, our vitality, our stamina, and our self-confidence. After the emotional intensity and increased sensitivity we experienced during Pisces season, Aries season is likely to uplift our mood and our overall state of being.

Aries is pure instinct, impulse, and desire. Ruled by Mars, the God of War, this sign is all about direct action, forward movement, and moment-to-moment exploration of our urges. A Yang, Fire archetype, Aries requires freedom and lives in the present moment, where life is happening, and learns as it goes, through an experiential process of trial and error. 


Aries: Separation and Individuality


Aries represents the birth of individual consciousness. While through Pisces, correlated to our time in the womb, we experience oneness, union, and non-duality, Aries symbolizes the moment when we cut the umbilical cord, and we are physically separated from our mother.

Being a Cardinal sign, there is an inherent insecurity in the Aries archetype: it is beginning a new process, taking a path nobody else has taken before. This can generate a dynamic of two steps forward, one step back: in this phase, we are separating from something familiar and known, and we don’t have a clear sense of the best way to progress.

Aries Season 2021 Moon Omens

Aries corresponds to being in a continual state of becoming: this sign reminds us that that life isn’t static. Aries needs independence and freedom to be able to follow its desires. Rage and fear of entrapment, shadows of this sign, may emerge as a result of the feeling of having our capacity to act spontaneously thwarted or restricted.


Aries season 2021: Transits and Lunations


On March 21, Venus will enter Aries too, and Mercury will do so on April 4, increasing the prominence of the Fire element in the heavens. On March 26, Venus will conjoin the Sun marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle and bringing emphasis on the relationship we have with ourselves and our personal self-discovery journey.

The Full Moon in Libra coming up on March 28 happens on an extremely charged day, as Mars will be conjunct the North Node, while both the Sun and Venus will be conjunct Chiron. As we are invited to assert ourselves and our desires, our wounds related to our right to exist and express ourselves may be triggered in the context of our relationships. The Full Moon will be forming a supportive Grand Air trine with Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars and the North Node in Gemini, which will aid the mental and intellectual integration of the emotions and feelings coming up.

Between the end of March and the first days of April, the Sun in Aries will form sextiles to both Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini. This configuration is offering us opportunities to find a creative balance between our drive to self-actualize and our need to take care of our duties and responsibilities. These aspects are supporting our maturation process and our movement towards our evolutionary direction.

The New Moon in Aries happening on April 12 will form a square to Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun-Pluto square will be active for the entire week, bringing our attention to control and power dynamics that are limiting our freedom, our capacity to act spontaneously, to express ourselves, and follow our urges. This aspect symbolizes a clash between individual will and the pressure coming from authority figures, and it shines a light on any internalized societal and cultural conditioning that is holding us back from fully embodying and expressing our individuality.

The simultaneous sextiles taking place between the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter reflect an increased capacity to respond proactively to any challenge we may encounter. These alignments inspire us to take constructive action and to gravitate toward choices and experiences that increase our self-confidence by enriching our knowledge and our understanding of life.


Aries season 2021: a Time to be Courageous


Mars, ruler of Aries, will be in Gemini for the entire Aries season. Its influence will increase our mental energy, our curiosity, our willingness and our desire to learn. We are likely to feel more prone to communicate, exchange opinions and perspectives, share and accumulate information and data. During this time, it is important to be mindful of truly listening to what others have to say, and count to ten before overreacting impulsively to whatever triggers us. Mars square Mercury could bring some tension in these realms

Overall, the transit of the Sun through the sign of the Warrior is a positive period for our energy levels: the upcoming weeks are favorable for our creativity and support the beginning of new projects and endeavors. Aries season invites us to be courageous, to initiate, to start walking the path, even if we aren’t sure about how everything is going to turn out. We are encouraged to trust our instinct and desires, to detach from old comfort zones, and to make choices that allow us to move forward in our self-discovery journey.

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