article Aquarius season 2021: Cultivating Objectivity
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Aquarius season 2021: Cultivating Objectivity

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January 21, 2021

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On January 19, 03:40 AM ET, the Sun enters Aquarius, and Aquarius season 2021 begins. Wherever the Sun transit, the light of our awareness goes. After a season of practicality and restructuring, our attention shifts to the realms of the mind. Aquarius season brings us into the world of ideas and ideologies, inspiring us to focus on our dreams and visions and on our role in our community.

We have already been feeling an intense transition from the Earth to the Air element when Jupiter, Saturn, and, more recently, Mercury have entered Aquarius. With the ingress of the Sun and, on February 1, Venus, the emphasis and the pressure on this archetype will be even stronger. During the upcoming weeks, it is essential to stay grounded in the present moment and in our bodies, without letting our minds carry us away in an endless stream of thoughts and possibilities.


Aquarius: Group Consciousness & Individuality


Aquarius is considered a transpersonal sign, related to something beyond the individual self. It correlates to long-term personal and collective memory, to group consciousness, to our connections with people of like mind who share similar values, hopes, and dreams for the future.

Aquarius is also about personal freedom and liberation from constrictions: this archetype invites us to find and develop our uniqueness and individuality. Aquarius comes after Capricorn: it corresponds to the individuation process, to deconditioning, and to the need to break free from crystallized structures.

There is an inherent paradox in Aquarius, as it is connected with both the group and the individual. This archetype is about finding our place in the collective without disappearing into a group that wants us to conform. Aquarius is about preserving and honoring our individuality while learning to collaborate with others.


Aquarius Season: Innovation and Social Progress


Aquarius is associated with innovation and social progress. This sign is related to activism, humanitarianism, and human rights: with both Saturn and Jupiter transiting here during 2021, we can expect important social changes and long-lasting progress that will consolidate throughout the upcoming two and a half years.

Aquarius season represents an invitation to develop a deeper awareness of the impact of our choices, words, thoughts, and actions on the collective. The journey of the Sun through the sign of the Water Bearer encourages us to become aware of the connection between our inner state and our relationship with our community and society as a whole.

Aquarius also corresponds to technological and scientific discoveries that have the potential to change our daily lives. Artificial intelligence, the internet, social media, and all the virtual connections we form relate to the archetype of Aquarius.

The internet can be a great way to connect with like-minds when we feel alienated from our surroundings. However, going too far with it and detaching excessively from what happens around us can also deepen our sense of alienation, another paradox linked to Aquarius.


The Two Planetary Rulers of Aquarius


Aquarius has two planetary rulers: until the discovery of Uranus in 1781, the ruler of the sign was Saturn. It’s interesting to notice how the energy of Saturn, correlated with practical matters, laws, regulations, and structure, has been associated with Aquarius, archetype of rebellion and liberation from the known.

Without a Saturnian quality to Aquarian energy, the risk is becoming a rebel without a cause or ending up constantly fighting against something, without coming up with constructive alternatives to it. Saturn’s ancient rulership of Aquarius inspires us to think about how to implement social change and what our role in our community is, rather than only point out what does not work in the current paradigm.

Saturn is now in Aquarius: for the upcoming two and a half years, we will be encouraged to find ways to concretize our visions and build new long-lasting systems, based upon the respect of human rights, promoting social equality and social justice.

Uranus on the other hand, currently transiting Taurus, operates in completely different realms. Uranus is related to the collective memory field, the akashic records, and works in other planes and dimensions. Uranus allows groundbreaking insights and downloads to come through but can’t help us concretize them and manifest something tangible out of them on this material plane. This is why, when we think about Aquarius, we can’t forget to integrate the expression of both planets.


Aquarius Season 2021: Lunations and Transits


During Aquarius season 2021, we will witness a Full Moon in Leo, arriving on January 28, and a New Moon in Aquarius, taking place on February 11. Venus will have an active role in both lunations: on the Full Moon in Leo, Venus will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, while on the New Moon in Aquarius, the Goddess of Love will be conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. Changes in our relationships, our values, and our finances are likely to be a big theme of the entire Aquarius season.

On January 30, Mercury will station retrograde, inviting us to question how we have been conditioned to think, speak, and perceive reality. During this cycle, we will be encouraged to let go of all those thinking patterns and ideologies that don’t reflect our essence.

Aquarius season 2021

Moreover, during the upcoming season, the two planetary rulers of the sign will be in a tense alignment, lasting for the entire year. On February 17, the first exact square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus takes place. This configuration will emphasize the conflict between the old and the new, the tension between those holding on to the past and those willing to move towards the future.


Aquarius Season 2021: Cultivating Objectivity & Making Conscious Choices


With five planets in the sign of the Water Bearer, we will naturally desire more freedom, seeking more room for growth and experimentation.

If frustration arises, many of us may notice a tendency to act and react on impulse. The need to break free from restrictions is likely to get stronger, as reflected by the Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus, exact on January 20 and already active. Rebelling just for the sake of it and expressing anger destructively can be incredibly easy after a challenging year, full of limitations and obstacles. It is crucial to find constructive and creative ways to channel the energies of anger and frustration.

The transit of the Sun through Aquarius invites us to cultivate a detached and objective view of circumstances, and to make conscious choices, that are not dependent on our moment to moment emotional state.

Connecting with like-minds and exchanging ideas has the potential to exponentially increase our creativity and our capacity to bring forth innovation and positive change. However, it can also have the opposite effect. Aquarius season 2021 is about being mindful of how we feel while interacting with the communities we are part of: it represents an invitation to be aware of how the people and the ideas we allow into our field affect our inner state.

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