article April 2024 Astrology Forecast: Growth Over Comfort
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April 2024 Astrology Forecast: Growth Over Comfort

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March 31, 2024

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On March 31, 08:37 AM —

April 2024 Astrology Forecast: April begins while we are in the middle of the Eclipse window. We are learning to feel at peace amidst chaos, trying to stay steady as everything around us changes, and facing the challenges that come when we choose growth over comfort.

During the first half of the month, Aries energy continues to gain prominence: the month begins with Mercury stationing retrograde there, Venus entering the sign, and an intense New Moon Total Solar Eclipse tightly conjunct Chiron, happening while five celestial bodies and the North Node are in Aries. 

This is a time of extreme, dramatic, and radical renewal. Our lives are being revolutionized from the inside out, everything is happening much faster than we would like to, and our only choice is to step into the unknown and join the dance. 

During the second half of the month, Taurus energy begins to take the stage, offering us an invitation to ground and integrate everything that has taken place. However, as April comes to a close, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, also in Taurus, and Mars entering Aries, once again will increase the dynamism and the momentum. 

Here are, in more detail, the main astrological events coming up in April 2024.

Mercury stations retrograde in Aries

Apr 1, 2024, 6:14 PM EST


After a few months with all planets in direct motion, Mercury stations retrograde in Aries, pointing at the need for a radical shift in our mindset and perceptions. This transit invites a renewal of existing ways of thinking, communicating, initiating, and asserting ourselves. In Aries, Mercury retrograde underlines the importance of thinking before we speak, pausing before we react, and questioning habitual communication patterns. This transit offers us an opportunity to deepen our awareness of what triggers our impulsiveness and practice asserting ourselves in more conscious and refined ways.


Venus enters Aries

Apr 5, 2024, 00:00 AM EST


Venus’ ingress in Aries invites us on a journey to discover who we truly are as unique individuals, as opposed to being defined by our role in our relationships and in other people’s lives. The Goddess of Love’s transit through Aries motivates us to continue the process of reinventing ourselves and redefining our values, needs, and desires in relationships. During this transit, we have opportunities to honor both our need for freedom and our need for connection, confront fears that prevent us from surrendering to intimacy, and create relationships that support our need for personal actualization, stimulation, and adventure.


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

Apr 8, 2024, 2:20 PM EST


The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries tightly conjunct Chiron and the North Node and more loosely conjunct retrograde Mercury catalyzes an extremely potent personal and collective awakening. A Solar Eclipse in the first sign of the Zodiac, marks the start of a brand new cycle of growth and comes with an energy of renewal, renovation, and radical transformation. The activation of Chiron, exactly conjunct Sun and Moon, offers unique opportunities for healing and redemption, emphasizing the value of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, as well as the necessity of confronting and feeling the pain we have been running away from as the only way forward.

April 2024 Astrology Forecast

Taurus season begins

Apr 19, 2024, 10:00 AM EST


The start of Taurus season offers us an invitation to focus on grounding and integrating the changes that have been taking place in the past weeks. This time of the year underlines the importance of consistent effort, inspires us to develop more self-reliance, and reminds us of the necessity of valuing ourselves. The Sun’s transit through Taurus brings our awareness to the need to establish a solid connection with our physical body and its needs and to develop a relationship with the Earth. This time of the year inspires us to deepen our receptivity, our attunement to abundance, and our ability to experience pleasure. 


Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Apr 20, 2024, 10:27 PM EST


Just a few hours after the beginning of Taurus season, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction goes exact in Taurus. These planets have been conjunct for months already, but they are now perfecting their alignment. As Jupiter crosses over Uranus, they begin a new cycle, lasting roughly 14 years. What Jupiter and Uranus have in common is that they are projected toward the future yet, while Jupiter is connected with earthly wisdom, Uranus has access to higher realms and dimensions. Their conjunction magnifies our desire for freedom, independence, and authentic personal expression, inspiring us to believe in our visions and in our ability to bring them down to earth.


Full Moon in Scorpio

Apr 23, 2024, 7:48 PM EST


Shortly after the start of Taurus season, we experience a Full Moon in the early degrees of the opposite sign of Scorpio, highlighting the tension between our survival instinct and our desire to evolve, change, and challenge ourselves. Despite not being an Eclipse, the Scorpio Full Moon is another emotionally intense lunation, as it is in a tight alignment with Pluto, the planet associated with Soul evolution, shadow work, and death and rebirth cycles. This lunation highlights the importance of exploring the root of our resistance to change, gaining more insights into our unconscious needs and desires, and working on transforming automatic reactions and patterns that arise when we feel triggered.

April 2024 Astrology Forecast

Mercury stations direct in Aries

Apr 25, 2024, 08:54 AM EST


After three weeks, Mercury comes to a standstill and stations direct in Aries. As Mercury prepares to resume forward motion, the invitation for us is to make changes according to how our perception, mindset, and level of awareness shifted during the retrograde. Around this time, new information may come to light and opportunities to clear misunderstandings and miscommunications will be available. Mercury’s shift of motion invites us to be proactive in making adjustments in our communication style and in how we assert ourselves and inspires us to take action in the direction of our desires.


Venus enters Taurus

Apr 29, 2024, 07:32 AM EST


Venus’ ingress in her Earth domicile of Taurus brings the spotlight on the need to deepen our connection with ourselves, our values, and our sensuality. This transit represents an invitation to slow down, prioritize embodiment, and connect with our physical body as an extension of Nature. Venus in Taurus inspires us to deepen our ability to receive love from others and give love to ourselves and highlights the value of doing something just for pleasure’s sake. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to align with the frequency of wealth and manifest more abundance in our lives and in our relationships.


Mars enters Aries

Apr 30, 2024, 11:33 AM EST


Mars’s ingress into his Fire home sign of Aries marks a strong surge in our vitality, desire for action, and motivation to begin new endeavors. This transit offers us an opportunity to access the courage required to take risks, trust our desires, and cut cords with what no longer serves us. Mars’ journey through Aries inspires us to put ourselves out there in new ways and recover our connection with our instincts. This transit encourages us to move forward and learn from trial and error, and reminds us that, at times, taking imperfect action is preferable to waiting, as it prevents us from remaining stuck and paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes.


April 2024 Astrology Forecast: Our Invitation


This month’s Total Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron, Mercury, and the North Node will remind us that after endings, chaos, and breakdowns, possibilities for redemption, healing, and breakthroughs become available. At times, we need to let things fall apart and go to really dark places in order to experience an upgrade and a shift in consciousness.

The start of Taurus season contributes to grounding the energy after the potent Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Ram. Shortly after the Eclipses shook up our lives, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction brings us a strong invitation to trust our visions and build foundations that allow us to manifest them, no matter how big they may be. This alignment invites each one of us to be visionary in finding alternative sources of income and generating financial safety and security in authentic ways. 

By the end of the month, both relationship planets will be in their home signs, offering us an invitation to refine our awareness of the interplay of masculine and feminine energy in our lives and our relationships.


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