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By joining Full Experience you will greatly support our work and our mission.

Everything we do here at Moon Omens is dedicated to Moon Omens Soul Family, we love what we do and we give everything we have every single day working on creating and bringing magic, love and wisdom into your life.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into what you will receive by joining Full Experience.


Our Beloved
Monthly Horoscopes

Our Monthly Horoscopes are specifically created guidelines and stories that help you navigate through life and improve your way of being and living, improve your quality of experiencing, feeling, perceiving and processing life. This horoscope will help you understand events that happen in your life, your relationships, your blockages, your traumas, your attachments, your wounds, your pain and struggles.

It is created with the intention to help you become the best version of yourself by becoming aware of events in your life, by becoming more aware of their meaning and by finding your own purpose and meaning. This horoscope is your manual towards your freedom and as such, it helps you connect all the pieces from your life that seem chaotic and it puts them in harmony so that you can find your own harmony within yourself, with others and with your purpose.


The Monthly Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising Ascendant sign Horoscope Ebook and Audiobook

Our beautifully crafted e-book packed with incredible amount of value and magically narrated audiobook both delivered on the 28 of each month, few days before the beginning of the new month. Download our past monthly horoscope ebook and audiobook and see what it is all about.

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Moon Rituals for each and every Moon Cycle

Moon Rituals is Moon Omens oldest offering and tradition for the world and part of the reason why Moon Omens exist. In 2019 Summer Moon Omens was born together with its first Lunar Cycle Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo. Since then we have lived attuned deeply to each and every Moon cycle celebrating each and every Full and New Moons together with Moon Omens community we call Soul Family.


Since the beginning of human history

the lunar cycle has been celebrated and honored. On Full Moons, the lunar glow would light up the night sky, inspiring myths, tales, and stories, while supporting hunters and farmers in their work.

The dark, moonless nights, have instead been a time of rest, introspection and self-reflection. Each month, the Moon teaches us that nothing is static, nothing stays forever the same.

Living in alignment

with the Moon cycle reminds us that time is not linear and helps us align with the ebbs and flows of our energy, as they are connected to the lunar phases. Consciously attuning to Moon phases can improve our energetic management, help us navigate transitions and life changes with more ease and understanding, and promote a feeling of connection with the Universe and its timing.

The connection between us, the Earth, and the Cosmos has been forgotten for too long, and it is now time to reclaim it. Aligning with the lunar cycle is a way to honor the wisdom of Nature, remember the cyclicity of time, and attune to the energy available at each moment.

Our Beloved Moon Rituals

Every Full Moon as well as every New Moon we create a printable journal and record a guided meditation audio that are specifically channeled and crafted with love and care to help you attune to the Moon’s energy. The journal comes with energy reading and guidance for that particular moon to help you understand the energy and be in the flow with it rather than going against it.

It is also personalized, as we walk you through and show you how you can find out in which astrological house New/Full Moon falls for you in your birth chart (you can then apply this knowledge for every planetary transit you want). We then provide you with guidance and information on what it means when New/Full Moon is in that particular house, which indicates the area of your life that is most strongly activated by each lunation.

How Can You Join Soul Family & Access Moon Rituals

Our Moon Rituals are only available to our members who we love and appreciate greatly, they allow us and give us opportunity to do what we love – serve humanity by bringing ancient science, ancient wisdom and tools that helps us live in the alignment with our higher selves and attuned to higher unity and unconditional love consciousness.

You can join our Moon Omens Soul Family for
$11.11 per month and receive:

New Moon and Full Moon Journals
(Printable PDF)

Printable Moon & astrological events journals for each New & Full Moon: Designed & written by us to help you capture each and every significant moment and shift in your life so that you can heal, grow, be more self-aware and raise your consciousness. Delivered and accessible on your Full Experience member platform every month 3 days before the New & Full Moon.

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Guided Meditation Audios

The monthly new & full moon guided meditations: an audio guided meditation experience created specifically for each and every New & Full Moon, to help you harness the energy each Moon and cosmic events brings. Delivered and accessible on your Full Experience member platform every month 3 days before the New & Full Moon.

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Surprise Gifts

A lot of awesome stuff we are working on behind the scenes: Like e-books and other good things from time to time will be sent to your inbox and become accessible on your Moon Omens Full Experience member platform when you least expect it.

Lunar Calendars & Affirmations

Each month you will receive the monthly Lunar Calendar & Affirmations e-book. It is indeed beneficial and powerful to know in which zodiac sign the Moon is, as the Moon is changing the sign every 2 and half days, this knowing will help you stay in the alignment and navigate your emotional life way better.

In this e-book you will also find deep and profound daily affirmations for each and every day of the month. Affirmations are extremely powerful and incredible. They are well known for their ability to help transform us from inside out. Affirmations can help us heal, transmute, manifest our desires, our dreams, our visions, they inspire, uplift, give us confidence and even rewire our neurological pathways, dismantle old outdated beliefs and patterns, they change old ways of operating, old ways doing things. They are like a software updates for our beings.

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Magical Crystal Guided Meditation Audios

Every month you will unlock two new your preferred crystals guided meditation audios that will take you on the most mystical and magical journeys.. Each meditation is so unique and special path to spiritual discovery of your own unique aspects. They will help you feel your crystal, bond with it and embody its unique healing and transformative properties as well as rest and disconnect for a little while to come back recharged filled with inspiration, love and clarity.

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Exclusive E-Mails

Weekly astrological updates & daily affirmations: deep affirmations delivered daily to your inbox. Updates that covers astrological events and how these events affect you.