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Zodiacs, Crystals & Moon Rituals

Transcending Limitations & Tapping Into Higher Self


Crystals and Astrology have been tightly connected since ancient times and have always been used for healing, gaining wisdom, receiving insights, self-discovery, spirituality and self-mastery. People have used crystals for centuries and we’re now rediscovering this knowledge that our ancestors knew and practiced. Since a long time ago, since the mythical lost city of Atlantis and even further, through all civilizations, in legendary cities of Mu, Hyperborea and Asgard, crystals and astrology were used in spiritual rituals and for physical healing, our ancestors were communicating with nature and with everything around them and within them.

Crystals are gifts of our Divine Mother Nature, they are specific keys of the Universe. They are magical keepers of energy, they possess alive energy within themselves which have a beneficial influence on human organisms. Their gracious and generous energy and influence has been known and appreciated since forever. Magic of crystals belongs to natural, organic and pure magic. It belongs to the magic of elements and the language of mysteries and it is not something that is beyond our reach. It is a gift to us humans from our Mother Nature which embraces matter and spirit altogether.

Our newest book, Zodiacs, Crystals & Moon Rituals, explores the mystical connection between Astrology and Crystals. We believe that all spiritual seekers, at some point along their journey, find their way to both mediums for a purpose, discovering them as tools for expanding awareness, inner healing & divine guidance. Our mission with this book is to share an enlightening perspective that includes these two mediums as companions. Astrology and crystals have a rich history of being aligned. Within this book, you will find that we’ve organized the chapters by the zodiac wheel, uncovering the deeper meaning behind each zodiac sign and connecting them to their most energetically aligned crystals. We have included moon rituals to help you bond with your crystals, as well as, affirmations to empower you in this chapter of your spiritual walk.

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What is inside of Zodiacs, Crystals & Moon Rituals book? And why it is so powerful..

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