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The Moon and the Sacred Feminine

The Power of Sacred Blood and Goddesses

This book reveals forgotten wisdom about laws of the Universe and power of feminine principle within all of us regardless of our gender. This book shocks us, awakens us, triggers us and provokes us in a profound way, in a way that changes our perception of cycles and nature, changes our perception of us as human beings, changes our perception of being a man and a woman. This text discloses ancient knowledge about the power and influence of the Moon, information that changes our DNA as we read it, that awakens dormant codes within us that were under the spell for many centuries.


The Moon and the Sacred Feminine book invites us into the deepest mysteries of life, mysticism and rituals of Goddesses. It reminds us of the power of blood within us, that most sacred liquid that makes us alive. It reminds us of the power of the Great Mother, the power of the triple Goddess who lives within us and in all that exists around us. This book is about you and me, us and them, man and woman, Mother Nature and us as her children.


Available in Paperback & Audiobook

What is inside of The Moon and the Sacred Feminine book? And why it is so powerful..

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