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Neptune & Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces Book, Journal & 2 Guided Meditations Free Gift

We felt that with everything that is going on the in world right now we have to dedicate our time and create something extremely valuable for everyone who is ready to use this once in a lifetime energy Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces brings.


We created a 138 paged e-book that comes packed with everything you need to know about this magical and the most beautiful transit of 2022, about its energy, how to release, heal, and harness it to step into the higher consiousness and manifest your true hearts desires.


Within the e-book you will find a journal, practical exercises you can do right now, and lots of wisdom.


Together with the e-book you will also receive two guided meditation audios:


  1. “Releasing” Guided Meditation Audio for Neptune Jupiter conjunction in Pisces
  2. “Manifest” Guided Meditation Audio for Neptune Jupiter conjunction in Pisces


Both meditations are professional high quality audio records that were recorded couple days ago to help you tap into and experience this energy on a deep spiritual level.

What You Will Find Inside the E-Book:


· What is Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces and what it really means for you


· What is Jupiter and what it means for you + lots of fun things about it like crystals, colors and other things.


· Understanding Jupiter’s transits


· What is Neptune and what it means to you + lots of fun things about it


· Understanding Neptune’s transits


· What is Pisces and what it means to you + lots of fun things about it


· Notes on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces: Navigating Transitions, Spiritual Evolution and Remembering


· The Importance of Centering in the Heart


· Reflections on Manifestation, Desires, & Alignment with Truth


· Jupiter-Neptune conjunction through the Houses


· Printable Self-exploration Journal for Neptune & Jupiter conjunction in Pisces


· Grounding (coming back to the heart) Practices


· Grounding Higher Consiousness Exercises


· Final Thoughts on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction


We created these tools to help you align with this high consciousness energy and ground it so you become it. We hope you will find this gift valuable, and the wisdom shared will serve you for the rest of your life.


If you feel that the work we put in to create this for you is valuable to you, you can support our team and our work by donating, but it’s entirely up to you.


Below you will find a link to download your Neptune & Jupiter conjunction in Pisces tools, and link to donate.


Moon Omens Team sending love and blessings your way, we love you!

Happy Releasing & Manifesting ♡

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