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The Monthly New & Full Moon Guided Meditations: An audio guided meditation experience created specifically for each and every New & Full Moon, to help you harness the energy each Moon and cosmic events brings. Delivered every month 3 days before the New & Full Moon

Moon Journals

Printable Moon & Astrological Events Journals For Each New & Full Moon: Designed & written by us to help you capture each and every significant moment and shift in your life so that you can heal, grow, be more self-aware and raise your consciousness. Delivered 3 days before each New & Full Moon. Printable PDF

Lunar Calendars

The Monthly Lunar Calendar: Delivered on the 1st of each month. Calendar Includes Daily Affirmations Printable PDF

The Monthly Horoscope E-Book

The Monthly Sun Sign Horoscope E-Book: Beautifully crafted E-Book delivered on the 1st of each month.

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Weekly Astrological Updates & Daily Affirmations: Deep affirmations delivered daily to your inbox. Updates that covers astrological events and how these events affects you

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A Lot Of The Good Stuff We Are Working On Behind The Scenes: Like e-books and other good things we normally charge for will be sent to your inbox when you least expect it

Your energy is like a gravitational pull.

What you seek is seeking you. When you meditate in order to align yourself with your true intentions, you speed up your intended desire’s movement towards you.
Just as the earth’s gravitational pull keeps everything it needs to thrive surrounding it and within its atmosphere, we too, attract and are magnetic to the things we need and set intentions towards.
Our free will gives us the right to desire whatever we choose which is why it’s incredibly important to be aware and intentional with the energy we are putting out.
Most of the ruts, dark times, and confusion we experience comes from unintentional manifestations. (When we take action without being aware of the intentions we have, it results in unintended outcomes.)


Harness the energy that each lunar phase brings.

Each phase of the Moon has unique characteristics that hold significant spiritual meaning and signify the rhythm of life that is within each of us.


If we are attuned to the Moon’s cycles and learn to live our lives by each Moon phase, we can activate and harness its innate powers and use its energy to better connect to ourselves.


Since our body is 60% water, our bodies are influenced by the pull of the Moon in the same way that tides are.


The Moon’s cycle is 29.5 days, during which it goes through 8 phases, each of which has a unique energy and meaning.


The phases are the New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, and Waning Crescent.


By joining the Moon Omens family you will always have all the tools, insights, and guidance necessary to harness the energy of each moon phase & cycle. It is our purpose and passion to support your spiritual growth by providing exclusive channeled energy through information, tools, and world class experience so that you can enjoy your ascending with those who like you vibrate at higher frequencies. Follow the Omens – Follow your Heart – Stay connected to the Source.

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