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Lion's Gate Portal - Return to The Heart of the Sun

Lion’s Gate is known as a period of time when there is an alignment between Earth and galactic bodies, but this alignment is not only celestial and physical, this is also psycho-emotional alignment that happens within us and around us.


This significant cosmic alignment happens when the Sun is in the fixed fiery sign of Leo and when the star Sirius, also known as our Spiritual Sun, aligns with the Sun, the Earth and Orion’s belt.


This alignment also aligns with the geometries of the pyramid of Giza and it also connects and activates with the Sphinx. Sphinx is a wisdom keeper and gateway as well and it is created from four parts which are four fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, Man (Aquarius), Lion (Leo), Bull (Taurus) and Eagle (Scorpio). It has the body of a Lion, not by coincidence.


In many cultures and traditions Lions are seen as keepers of sacred knowledge and wisdom. They are seen as guardians of Earth and humanity and as the first children of the Sun God, “Star Beasts who hold and transmit the Solar Logos/Vibration/Laws/Consciousness on Earth.”


Jesus is also seen as the Lion of Judah, and we’re not talking about historic Jesus Christ, but Christ consciousness, crystal consciousness of pure white gold light. The star Sirius has been known as Cosmic Christ, it has been known as the spiritual prototype of Earth.


Rays from Sirius are poured onto Earth through Sun and Regulus and this is when these Cosmic Christ seeds are able to flourish and grow within us through our spines and hearts. Lion’s Gate represents the rebirth of the Golden Age.


This cosmic window of opportunity is available for all of us in this very moment right now! We created this free Lion’s Gate Portal e-book to help you upgrade your Being and step into the next level of your spiritual and physical 3D evolution.

In 120 Pages Free Lion's Gate Portal E-Book You Will Find:


We created this e-book to help you navigate this incredibly potent and powerful time of the year. We hope you will find Lion’s Gate Portal e-book valuable, and the wisdom shared will serve you for the rest of your life.


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