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The Age of Aquarius

Evolutionary Cycles & Spiritual Rebirth

Every 2,160 years there is a shift of astrological ages, which happens because of the precession of equinoxes. There are twelve ages related to twelve Zodiac signs and each sign age lasts for around 2,160 years. It takes approximately 26,000 years for this whole precession period to complete and go through all twelve signs, after which the cycle repeats. The cycles are real and the shift is happening. We are in the midst of transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We are witnessing the greatest changes on Earth right now. Get ready.


The Age of Aquarius book opens portals to new perceptions, to the unknown and unseen, to the hidden and forgotten, to secrets and truth, to history and future and to our essential selves. This book reminds us of who we are, where we come from and what it means to be a true human being. Age of Aquarius is a long term process that changes our frequency and faces us with the worst and best within ourselves. This is a shift of consciousness, a shift of the heart, a shift of personality, and a transformation of the world as we know it. This is not a war between the light and the dark, this is higher and deeper realisation, integration and cohesion of polarity without denying its laws. This is the great self-initiation which demands great self-healing.


The Age of Aquarius is extremely powerful book created by Moon Omens that is going to bring you back to the essence of your spiritual journey here on Earth and to the core of who you truly are. It is packed with ancient widom, knowledge and history. The Age of Aquarius book is the book that is here to awaken and upgrade your Spiritual DNA.


The abundance of wisdom shared in the first part of the book is going remind you of the power that you are, it is going to elevate you to the higher consciousness and raise your vibrational frequency. The second part ‘Deep Spiritual Guidance for The Age of Aquarius’ is going to help you heal on a deep spiritual level by deep and profound wisdom, questions and practical real life tips. Read below to find all the chapters of this powerful book..

Available in Paperback, E-Book & Audiobook

What is inside of The Age of Aquarius book? And why it is so powerful..

Chapters of The Age of Aquarius:

• The Sphinx, the Forgotten Wisdom of Four Elements, Cosmology and Nature

• Daily Walk of the Sun

• Annual Walk

• The Swastika, the Sphinx, Four Fixed Signs Nature and Human

• Three Stages of Scorpio, Three Stages of Our Own Evolution

• Quotes From the Ezekiel

• Sunshine Walk

• Snakes Are Everywhere

• Tree of Knowledge

•The Story of Ouranos (Uranus), Gaia and Their Descendents

•The Myth of Aquarius

•Aquarius and the Jesus

• Question of free will

• Questions of self-forgiveness and self-individuality from the age of information into the age of knowledge

• Questions of death, archetypes, complexes, traumas and catharsis

• Questions of transhumanism and humanism in the age of aquarius

• Questions of relationships, wounds, projections, union and separation

• Questions of religion, spirituality, cults, culture and power

• Questions of spirituality, enlightenment and inner shadow work

• Summary of guidance through tips

• Significant quotes from the master gurdjieff

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