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Astrological Spirit Animal

Connecting with your Spirit Animal

Welcome to the beautiful world of connecting with your Spirit Animal! This book will walk you through the twelve signs of the traditional Astrological Wheel, Aries through Pisces, and their association with Spirit Animals.


Everything is connected and each zodiac holds unique qualities that are expressed throughout creation. We are a collection of the twelve Zodiacs – a melding of all the stars and constellations. 


Those born under the constellation of their sign will likely feel a magical connection to what they read for their zodiac in this book. Please also use your Moon and Rising sign to get more clarity in your life experience. Your Sun sign relates to how you “do” your life and which actions you will take to get to your goal. The Moon represents your emotional state and attachments, while the rising sign represents the new expression you are stepping into this lifetime. 


Each Spirit animal was chosen because of the beautiful synergy between the human and the animal spirit. This book will take you on a journey that will bring alive your imagination and break the door down to your inner realm. Nature will feel more mystical, and your connection to it will feel revitalized and awakened. 

In 133 Pages Free Astrological Spirit Animal E-Book You Will Find:


The Astrological Spirit Animal ebook is a free gift from Moon Omens. May it serve you along your journey and inspire the highest form of connection to be made between you, your spirit animal, and the divine. 


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