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Humans have a deep and ancient connection to the Moon.

We experience daily the profound effects that the Moon has on our moods and emotions.

As far back as Aristotle, people studied the strong link between the Moon and our psychological well-being.

The word lunacy itself comes from the Latin word for “moonstruck.”

Even animals feel the strong lunar effects. Certain types of owls increase their movements during the full Moon. Coyotes have been noted to use certain types of howls exclusively during the new Moon.

The two most significant ways in which we are affected are through the Moon’s gravitational pull and through the changing moonlight.

The gravitational pull of the Moon creates the ocean tides that rise and fall approximately every 12 hours, and the tides also follow two-week cycles.

Since the human body is comprised of 60% water, we are strongly affected by these tidal cycles.

We see our greatest mood switches during the transition that occurs every two-week lunar tidal cycle.

Moonlight also strongly affects our mental health and emotional well-being.

Historically, the illumination of the full moon was a time for heightened social activity. Under the darkness of the new moon, however, people turn inward, stay at home, and use this time to reflect.

To this day, our innate system is still wired to keep following the cycles of the Moon.

The New Moon sees us become more introspective and self-reflective. Since the new Moon isn’t visible and we are left with little to no light, we have low energy available to us. This makes us calmer and can lead to feeling tired. If you are seeking a fresh start, the New Moon is the perfect time to reflect on what you want in life and the best time to set your intentions for the following lunar cycle.

The New Moon opens us up to new beginnings. Your courage is at a maximum during the New Moon and setting your intentions in order to start something new at this time is like catching a wave that will only carry you further.

The first half of the lunar cycle sees heightened motivation. After setting your goals and intentions during the new Moon and the Moon grows during the first half of the lunar cycle you gain new energy. During this growth, you may intuitively be motivated to take on new projects and take action. As the moon increases in size, we often feel a sense of possibility and renewal.

The full Moon sees the Moon’s energy amplifying our emotions and making us more sociable. However, this is also a time period where we get less sleep and spend less time in the deepest phase of sleep. These disruptions in sleep can affect our mood and cause irritability even though our general emotions may be heightened.

For instance, during the full Moon, people that are dating or in relationships may feel a heightened attraction to their partners and heightened sense of romance. But due to the sleep disruptions you may escalate situations that may not normally cause this reaction. However, the heightened emotional ecstasy of the full Moon dissipates any altercations relatively quickly.

The full Moon brings all of your emotions to the surface. It takes your strongest qualities and enhances them. Make sure to channel your influx of energy into the correct outlets. Do not let the energy go stagnant and make sure to utilize it well.

Our internal biological rhythms are strongly linked to the Moon’s cycle. We must utilize the calm and introspective time during the waning and new Moon to slow down, reflect, and set intentions. During the first half of the lunar cycle we use the heightened motivation that we feel to help us further down our life paths. The full Moon sees our strongest and most heightened emotions.

We must thank the Moon for all of the emotions that it helps to bring up within us.

It’s only when our feelings rise up that they can then move through us and out of us and help us in our individual journeys to enlightenment.

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